Every wooden handbag is handmade and therefore unique. 

Leon uses the finest leather and suede and the best woods to guaranty the top quality of each product.

Portugese craftsmen take care of a perfect finishing.


You can choose out of three types of wood:
  • American Oak: robust and natural
  • Zebrano: striped and flashy
  • Walnut: classic and warm
Wich one suits you best?

Handbag American Oak

Handbag Zebrano

Handbag Walnut

Leon designed beautiful and simple bag hooks. Hang your handbag on the table with this extremely light, but strong wooden handbag. Available in the same wood as your handbag.

Bag hanger American Oak

Bag hanger Zebrano

Bag hanger Walnut

Another smart and funny wooden accesory: the telephone buddy. Hang your mobile while loading it. A stylish device. Extremely light and made in the same wood as your handbag.

Telephone buddy American Oak

Telephone buddy Zebrano

Telephone buddy Walnut