Handbag American Oak, bag hanger, telephone buddy and free keyringholder: the complete package

This handbag is handmade and therefore unique. Leon uses the finest leather and suede and the best quality of wood. Portuges craftsmen take care of a perfect finishing. The handbag is light and strong. The wood is thin and flexible. There are no hinges. The handbag closes softly with invisable magnets.


  • Wood: American Oak (robust and natural). Each handbag is different, because of the ‘fingerprint’ of the wood. Leon only uses FSC wood.
  • Leather: thick black leather for the outside and soft red suede for the inside.
  • Exterior: finished to withstand rain.
  • Interior: two small magnetic pockets to store your phone(s); one big pocket with zipper to store your mini tablet. Real wooden zipper handle with Leon logo on it. Aluminium label with Leon logo.
  • Strap: every handbag comes with a detachable real (black) leather shoulder strap.

The bag hanger is very light and strong enough to carry your full handbag.
Wood: American Oak with the Leon logo milled.
The funny and smart telephone buddy carries your mobile during charging. It is very light and strong.
Wood: American Oak with the Leon logo milled.
The free keyringholder is made from American Oak with the Leon logo milled. A classy way to carry your keys.


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